Founder and design director Amber Kendrick creates unique, handcrafted tableware for experience conscious customers. Her thoughtful forms are designed to occupy the point where chef, diner, design and the shared culinary experience converge. 

Tableware has structure, a 'facade' and a function. But mostly it has an identity within a larger context.. in urban planning you would call it part of the 'fabric' of the city...Buildings have heartbeats and i feel as though tableware needs to as well.






inspired by the improvisational moment between conversation and experience.

a handcrafted performance space where diners and culinary ideas intersect.

that becomes part of your story.

Cloud Terre tableware is proudly handcrafted in the United States by local ceramic artisans. Cloud Terre Studio and Fortessa Tableware Solutions are reintroducing traditional pottery methods for the manufacturing in our Virginia facility. 

Cloud Terre Studio

20412 Bashan Drive

Ashburn, VA 20147

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